In recent years, electricity costs in the United States have experienced a significant surge, causing homeowners to exceed their budgeted expenses on electricity by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This issue seems to be exacerbating, with many service providers implementing annual increases for the foreseeable future.

While minor adjustments like raising your AC temperature or limiting screen time may yield slight monthly savings, they are unlikely to make a substantial impact. 

Fortunately, a novel device named StopWatt asserts the capability to reduce home energy costs by up to 50% and filter out harmful EMF electricity within homes.

Can StopWatt live up to its claims, or is it merely another deceptive scheme? For a comprehensive understanding of StopWatt, please refer to our complete review to make an informed decision.

What Exactly is StopWatt?

What Exactly is StopWatt
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StopWatt is a device designed to be plugged into a wall outlet, with the primary purpose of minimizing energy consumption, averting energy spikes, and filtering out harmful EMF electricity.

The objective is to help homeowners reduce their monthly electric bills, with claims of potential savings of up to 50% through the restriction of inefficient energy usage.

According to the manufacturer, StopWatt also serves as a safeguard for your appliances by preventing voltage surges, potentially extending their operational lifespan by several years. What sets StopWatt apart is its user-friendly nature – once plugged in, you can simply forget about it.

Leveraging modern technology, StopWatt assesses energy usage dynamically and adjusts settings accordingly to prevent spikes and wasteful consumption. How exactly does StopWatt achieve these outcomes?

How Does StopWatt Work?

StopWatt utilizes cutting-edge technology that has recently become available to the public to reduce energy wastage. Its main functionality revolves around safeguarding users against electrical overheating and imbalanced currents, factors that contribute significantly to energy inefficiency.

The device assesses the amount of power being consumed and effectively mitigates power spikes at electrical outlets.

This results in a more controlled and stable energy consumption pattern, leading to extended lifespans for electronic devices, reduced energy bills, and a minimized risk of electrical issues arising from overloaded outlets.

How to Use StopWatt:

How to Use StopWatt
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Installing StopWatt is a quick process that takes only seconds, and it is compatible with all 110v systems. The device is UL-approved and RoHS compliant. Once plugged in, StopWatt immediately starts managing excessive energy usage, filtering out dirty electricity, and addressing imbalanced currents in your home.

StopWatt is versatile and suitable for use in various settings, including homes, house trailers, offices, apartments, and more.

The official StopWatt website mentions that Power Factor devices and EMF Filters have become legal in all 50 US States following the enactment of a Residential Energy Stabilization (RES) law.

For optimal performance, StopWatt recommends installing the device in a central location, and it is compatible with solar systems. Many users prefer placing it near the electrical breaker box for convenience. However, as long as the device is somewhat centralized, it should function effectively.

If you have multiple devices, it’s advisable to install them at a distance from each other within your home to maximize their individual effectiveness.

To confirm that StopWatt is operational, a green light bar should be visible, indicating that the device is actively managing your energy consumption. If the green light is absent despite being plugged in, contacting customer support is recommended, as it may indicate a faulty device that needs replacement.

How Many Devices Do I Need?

The size of your home determines the number of StopWatt devices needed for optimal savings on your electric bill. According to StopWatt, a single device can cover an area of up to 1500 sq ft, and it may take approximately four weeks for the electricity to be thoroughly cleaned, stabilized, and filtered.

For a 2,400 sq-foot house, it is recommended to use two or three devices. Conversely, if you reside in a 1200 sq-foot apartment, one device may be sufficient. However, it could be a prudent decision to purchase an additional device as a backup in case of any potential malfunction over time.

Can Consumers Save Money With StopWatt?

Can Consumers Save Money With StopWatt
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While the technology behind StopWatt may appear straightforward, it has the potential to yield significant cost savings, particularly in older homes. Many homeowners are unaware of the extent of energy wastage, especially in properties with outdated electrical wiring.

It’s possible that you are unknowingly incurring substantial annual expenses on wasted energy. This is why numerous homeowners have been pleasantly surprised by the considerable reduction in their electric bills after implementing StopWatt.

How to Purchase StopWatt:

If you’re eager to reduce your electric bills promptly, StopWatt presents a straightforward and convenient solution. To acquire StopWatt, you can visit the official website, where you’ll find three distinct purchasing options:

1. One StopWatt: $59.00 with Free US Shipping

2. Two StopWatt Devices: $49.50 Each with Free US Shipping

3. Three StopWatt Devices: $45 Each with Free US Shipping

StopWatt ensures free shipping across the United States for all orders and typically dispatches orders within two to three business days following the purchase. Customers have the option to acquire a lifetime warranty for an additional $6.95 during the checkout process.

Moreover, all orders are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. In the event of a malfunction, damage, or non-functionality of your StopWatt device, you can return it within 60 days and receive a complimentary replacement.

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What if Customers Don’t Save Money Each Month?

While it’s unlikely, if you are dissatisfied with your StopWatt experience or fail to observe noticeable changes in your initial electric bills, you have the option to return your device within 60 days of purchase.

For additional details, please reach out to customer service through:

  • Email:
  • Address: 7652 Sawmill Rd; STE 213, Dublin, OH 43016

StopWatt Final Recap:

StopWatt Final Recap
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If you’re seeking a straightforward and effortless method to reduce electricity expenses, your solution is here. StopWatt, a legally used device, has assisted numerous homeowners in significantly cutting their electricity costs with minimal effort required.

To commence your journey to save on electricity costs, visit the official StopWatt website and place your risk-free order today!

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